The Farm

Our farm grows with the utmost passion, love and dedication.  Having been growing for decades the goal is still to continue to meet the challenge of creating and maintaining such a beautiful life. Watching something grow, and experiencing different pheno and geno types is miraculous to witness and be a part of.  Each harvest is its own celebration of how Mother Nature takes such perfect care of her children. 

It is important that the cannabis grown is medicinally efficient, first and foremost. To that end we grow completely free of pesticides and use, instead, methods such as essential oils and our very welcomed garden monitors......ladybugs and praying mantis.  As long as the sun shines in the garden, exploration, learning and discovery will continue. 

*Our desire is to create a higher standard in this industry.  Knowing our patients feel comfortable and confident in their medicinal purchases is what we strive so hard for*